• Microsoft Workstation and Server Backup
  • Microsoft Windows Updates
  • Firewall Software and Appliances
  • Keep out Viruses, Antivirus software
  • Install spam filters, spy ware and viruses out of your office
  • Install security updates and patches
  • Reduce pop ups and unwanted ads

Imagine your computer network
free from spam, viruses and hackers!

Phone: 608/  798-4884
Cell: 608/  692-6870

Email Spam ... Computer Viruses ... Popup ads
 These are more than annoyances - they cost you time and money.
We get them out of your network, and keep them out of your office.

There are many solutions out there, but very few that are effective, inexpensive, effortless to update - and won't interfere with the programs you want to run.

Give us a call - today - you can be free from spam and viruses.


email: stampede@inmadison.com